Food, Clothing and shelter is the basic requirement for a living.   It is surprising how our world revolves around food. It is not just about curbing the hunger pangs in your belly, but much more than that.  

Food alone speaks for culture,  traditions,  religion economy and also our mindset. If one is willingly a vegetarian,  they strongly assert their disgust towards the non vegetarians keeping their view pivoted around the fact of non killing of animals.  

Our choices and beliefs reflect in our daily eating habits.  

Everyday we have questions about food that fits the needs of our body. Questions like what should I have before hitting the gym? Should I or should I not drink water after jogging? What kind of food has appropriate nutritional value for expecting mothers? How to blend health and taste? What to eat to lose weight? What to eat to cure of certain disease? 
So many WHATS! HOWS! and WHENS! I know these still do not suffice all that you have in your head. We all are enclosed in a spherical ball of questions about food that we look up and down various books or internet site to find answer to.  But contradictions seem to crawl in as one shifts from one book or internet site to another, leaving a more confusing mind behind. 
Here, we dzaprinians get into the bottom of everything to find what best suits you and our motive is to promote good health and fitness. We love to trace a food down to its history and its significance in our present times. 
So whenever you in a dillema regarding food never forget to drop in at DZaprino.